About us

Our mission & vision

Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc., a community-funded program, is a non-profit, public benefit corporation whose primary purpose is to MAKE CHILDREN SMILE. Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. provides new clothing assistance during the Christmas season to children of qualifying families of the Howard County area.

A secondary purpose of the Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. is to respond to special requests that provide assistance to children and/or young adults of qualifying families. The assistance rendered cannot be a duplication of an existing private or governmental-agency program.

OBJECTIVE #1: Providing new clothing through a single annual Christmas event

Strategy 1. Annual clothing distribution.

(a) Accept and process annual applications for Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. Christmas assistance.
(b) Provide special assistance to agencies who may have temporary custody of children during and through the Christmas season.

Funding: Annual community fund-raising events.

Strategy 2. Provide disaster relief for an individual on an as-needed basis.

Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. may provide new clothing for children who are victims of disasters such as fires, tornadoes, etc. by coordinating Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. services with other private or governmental agencies engaged in similar programs.

Funding: Annual community fund-raising events.

OBJECTIVE #2: Endow educational opportunities

Strategy 1. Recognize and financially support the awarding of monetary scholarships to eligible students.

Funding: Annual Endowment and/or annual community fund-raising events, providing all Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. financial obligations for the Christmas season have been satisfied.

Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. works with local organizations, businesses, and families to provide clothes and toys for low-income residents of Howard County, Indiana. While Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. manages the applications and the process, there are several aspects to the program that applicants and donors should be aware of.

How it works


  1. Applicants apply for assistance. During the application process, they must provide
    • A current Howard County picture ID or driver’s license for every adult in the household
    • Birth certificates for every child in the household and a student identification for each student ages 16-18
    • Verification of all income over the past 30 days, including wages for everyone living in the household
    • Receipts for all bills that were paid in the last 30 days
    • Any paperwork proving guardianship of children if applicant name is not listed on birth certificate
  2. Goodfellows of Kokomo, Inc. reviews the application and either approves the applicants or denies them based on the established criteria listed below.
  3. The Goodfellows team sorts the applicants into the various programs based on requests and needs. (See the programs below.)
  4. Goodfellows of Kokomo volunteers create vouchers for applicants who show up on their designated day for the program they are scheduled to participate in.


  • Have children, ages newborn – 15 years
  • Have children 16-18 years with verifications of school registration
  • Fall below 138% of the poverty line
  • Have residence in Howard County, Indiana


Program 1: GOODFELLOWS provides vouchers to purchase clothing at Kohl’s and partners with TOYS FOR TOTS program to provide toys for youth. No children are permitted to attend GOODFELLOWS shopping days. All funds are provided by the We Care program and private donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Program 2: MARINE CORPS RESERVES TOYS FOR TOTS program partners with GOODFELLOWS to provide toys for youth.

Program 3: COPS4KIDZ Partnered with Goodfellows invites youth and guardian participants to a breakfast where families receive toys for their children before shopping with police officers. Children are expected to attend COPS4KIDZ Partnered with Goodfellows shopping days. The local FOP sponsors the breakfast.

Program 4: ADOPTION by local businesses, organizations, families, or individuals provides clothing, toys, and food that are delivered to the family participating. This program requires a separate application as well and cannot be used in conjunction with any of the other programs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the age limit for the program?

Newborn up to 18 years old.

My grandchild(ren) live in my house. How do I apply?

Attach your guardianship or court-appointed documents online when prompted.

What if I don’t have the child’s birth certificate?

You can get a copy of a birth certificate at the Howard County Health Department or the county health department where the child was born. Most birth certificates are also available online.

What if I am pregnant?

If you are expecting before December 31 of the current year, please provide a doctor’s note of your due day, so your child can be included in the program.

What if a child’s school ID is lost?

Contact the school for a new ID.

Can I apply for all of the programs available?

No. You can select only one program. If you do not select a specific program on your application, Goodfellows of Kokomo will select for you.

If our family wants to be adopted, should we still complete the Goodfellows application?

Yes. You will have another application as well, but we will contact you to complete that information.

Can I apply for food?

We do not provide food assistance, so please contact Kokomo Rescue Mission or Salvation Army.

Do I have to apply every year if I was approved last year?

Yes. We need updated information to process your application.

What if my ID card or driver’s license has expired?

You will need a current ID or driver’s license to apply.

Do I report everyone living in the household and their incomes?

Yes. We look at all incomes in the household.

I didn’t receive a paystub, but my check was deposited into my bank account. What do I need?

We accept paystubs, bank statements, and screenshots of online banking deposits.

What if I am paid in cash?

You must have the person paying you write a receipt or a note to verify that you received money for a job completed. That receipt or note must be signed, dated, and include a valid phone number for the individual who signs it.

How many days of bills do we need to apply?

You will need 30 days of bills paid at the time of your application. If you apply in November, you will need the bills paid in October. ONLY PAID BILLS WILL COUNT.

Should I keep receipts for groceries, gas, and taxable items?

Yes. Keep all of your receipts for 30 days before you apply. That information will be added to your expenses on your application.

How do I know if I am approved?

You will receive an email or a phone call if you are approved, denied, or if additional information is needed. That is why it is so important to keep your contact information updated.

Where do I apply?

You will apply on our website https://goodfellowskokomo.org/apply

If I apply but then move or have a change, should I contact Goodfellows?

Yes. If your circumstances change, please use this link to make those changes. Be sure to upload proof of your change.